To the author of the above rubbish…

Your an idiot and the only possible purpose of this article is to sucker people into buying junk.

Normal ceramic magnets do not contain anywhere near sufficient energy to be able to pull hydrocarbons apart. to do so even a little bit requires a lot of energy. which is where the energy comes from to propel the car. also pulling the molecules apart even a little bit or a lot means nothing. Its a chemical reaction increasing the surface area of individual molecules will do little if anything.

Ok you want proof. Don’t be a moron do some empirical testing. Get some fuel the best quality you can, place it into a test tube (please observer safety precautions) support it in a stable manner. Very Very carefully mark the level of the fuel. Now place the strongest magnets you can in whatever configuration you think works. Now measure the level of the fuel again. Provided the temperature hasn’t changed (fuel readily expands with temperature) or none has evaporated off. you will notice no difference. Nada, Zilch. yet if the molecules were pulling apart then you must see an increase in the level of fuel because it would take more volume wouldn’t it?

Yes it’s true every material has magnetic properties.. plastic does, cows hide does even little green frogs do. Now if the hydrocarbons had any magnetic properties above that which all non ferrous materials have your should also see the fuel react to the presence of the magnetic field, perhaps creep up the side of the test tube. don’t you think?


Simply chemistry tells us there are no ortho or para hydrogen bonds in hydrocarbons. They occur when two hydrogen atoms form h2 as a hydrogen atom has only one bond it can bond to itself or something else it cant bond to itself AND something else. your diagrams of so called para and ortho hydrogen are not diagrams of them at all but is in fact a diagram of methane, in other words ch4.

Before you insult the world with your total lack of knowledge at least do some real chemistry