The currently accepted theory for the beginning of the universe is “The Big Bang” where the universe was once crammed into a space immeasurably small, called the singularity. It then exploded and the resulting plasma from the explosion expanded and cooled and then coalesced into what we now call the known universe.

I have a problem with this. Go figure hey I have a problem with much of science!

Not that I want to hand a gimme to creationists but I have to ask the question “What triggered the Big Bang?”

Let me explain further.

Physicists tell us we can ignore the laws of physics at the start of the universe that the laws that describe our universe didn’t come into being until after the Big Bang, not long after but most importantly they didn’t exist in the singularity.

They say this because our physical laws don’t make sense within a singularity. Too many impossibilities are raised. but in doing so they admit to one rule still applying. the rule of logic.

If the rule of logic applies. Hence we can discuss the singularity then surely we can discuss what gave rise to the Big Bang.

So now that we have defined it is ok to even discuss the Big Bang or more precisely the singularity that ‘existed’ before the Big Bang then we can discuss the trigger.

When something changes, no matter what it is, whether it be the path of a molecule of air or the thoughts of a blogger or an nuclear explosion. it must be triggered by something. That something can be a lit fuse or a new thought or butterfly flapping its wings or a fracture or an impurity.  Nothing changes without something triggering that change.

So what changed that caused the singularity to suddenly destabilise the singularity and make it burst?

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle states that we cannot know both the speed and position of an element at the same time we can know one and only approximate the other. What is not clear is that the element does have a speed and a position we just can’t measure it.

Can this principle apply to the singularity. I don’t think so. From outside the singularity nothing exists and therefore there is no reference frame to make any measurement or observation from.

The logical necessity of a trigger, an external influence on the singularity necessitates that there must be an external force acting on it, that the singularity cannot just come into being and then once it has come into being spontaneously explode.

It is my contention this precludes a singularity, that there was no Big Bang.

That only leaves alternatives. Interestingly it gives us a view at the end of the universe, if the universe did not arise from a singularity perhaps it arose from a big crunch. That the universe is constantly expanding and contracting, this is an old theory that  many discount but this oscillating universe does not need a singularity.